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Updated: February 10, 2022

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday! I guess it because it's the only time you can be someone else, and a kid can really be a kid, and have a fun time. Even adults can go back to their childhood life's, and live those fawn memories again. Kids always remember me in our neighborhood, and come back to our house each year for trick or treating. One kid last year I scared so bad, he left the front porch leaving his bag of goodies behind. Another boy tonight, told me I scared the living life out of him last year. This year I did something totally different, and I had a real gas doing it. I took my Dr. Smith figure and stood him out in front of the house. This was very erie, and many kids wouldn't even come up to the house. "Indeed!" It surprised me that many kids and adults knew who Dr. Smith was!? I even had dry ice and a defogger blowing on the lawn, giving it that alien bog event. I took many photos of the kids and their familes together with the great one, Dr. Zachary Smith.

The kids loved it, and I had them make weird faces, or scream like Jonathan Harris did on Lost in Space. This really added to the excitement of the full moon evening.

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