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Updated: January 19, 2022

Rare program handed out at the preview and premiere. When interviewed for USA Today, Pamela Sue Matrin said, "About Emmy Rossum's character. I told her tonight, 'You didn't have as much corny dialogue as we had.' And she said, 'We didn't have any dialogue.'" Carol Lynley told the newspaper, ""I think everything about our movie was better. I liked the score of our movie better. This film was so noisy. My character sang Morning After in the original, and I did like Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) singing in this. I'm a big fan of hers." When asked who in the original cast they missed the most, Lynley said "Shelley (Winters, who died in January). I went to her last birthday party (her 85th) in August. I said to her, 'If you were English, you'd be called Dame Shelley Winters.' And she said, 'Oh, I've been called a dame before.' " Pamela Sue Matrin replied, "Gene Hackman. I adopted him as my father figure for the four months we were filming. And then when it was over, I never saw him again."

Value: $500-Up.

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