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Updated: January 31, 2022

Featured here is The Big Circus #1036 with a Photo Cover of Victor Mature, Rhonda Fleming, Red Buttons and the rest of the cast from this 1959 production.

The Big Circus is a 1959 film starring Victor Mature as a circus owner struggling with financial trouble and a murderous unknown saboteur. Hank Whirling needs a bank's help to keep his Whirling Circus going. He gets a loan on the condition he take along accountant Randy Sherman and publicist Helen Harrison to help the circus turn a profit. Hank's top act is the Colino trapeze troupe, featuring family patriarch Zach and newcomer Tommy Gordon. Unknown to Hank, his little sister Jeannie has held a lifelong ambition to fly on the trapeze. An unknown saboteur sets a lion loose, terrifying an audience until Hank manages to tame it. Helen accuses him of staging the incident for publicity. She and Randy are infuriated by Hank's refusal to accept their help. Randy's attempt to save money by firing workers and replacing them with a machine that raises the big-top tent is also sabotaged, leading to a death and many suspicions and accusations. With the bank about to foreclose, Hank goes to television star Steve Allen to seek needed publicity for the circus. A wire walk across Niagara Falls by Zach is also held, amidst fear of additional sabotage. By the time Jeannie finally gets a shot at flying on the trapeze, Hank realizes that Tommy is the culprit, having a history of mental illness and a grudge against the circus. Jeannie's life and the future of the circus is left hanging by a thread. This is a great issue for any collector who has it all?

Value: $20.

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