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Updated: June 06, 2012

These are original 27" by 41" one sheet movie posters for the 1959 Allied Artists classic tale of the Greatest Show on Earth, The Big Circus! And produced by movie mogul Irwin Allen, soon to become tv mogul Irwin Allen, of Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Fame! And with many great actors who worked with Irwin later, we see Rhonda Fleming, Victor Mature., Red Buttons, Kathryn Grant, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, David Nelson moonlighting from Ozzie & Harriet (and see him top right, that was really him doing many of those stunts!).

One sheet movie posters were among the different format movie posters issued to movie theatres to help them market and promote the film, they were/are very popular!

Value: $200-Up (Each)

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