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Updated: July 11, 2023

An unbelievable piece of television movie history! The Aquadozer from the Irwin Allen made for TV movie of 1970, "City Beneath the Sea". This is an amazing piece, it is about two feet long. It is made of mustard & cream painted fiberglass. There is a little pilot figure in the cockpit, and has the name "Pacifica" emblazoned on both sides of the sub. It was missing the top porthole cover, and a replica porthole was used. The inside is equipted with wiring and air hoses for the "Bubble Plowing" special effects during filming. Rarely, if ever does any Irwin Allen props come available for purchase on the open market.

This prop was owned by a private collector at Sci-Fi Hollywood for many years. There were two subs made for this movie, the other was "Pacifica" #402. In my opinion, this sub looks like a shuttle craft design from the classic TV series, "Star Trek!"

I purchased this item on the eBay auction site on December 1, 2000 with additional props purchased. I would like to thank, "Fuller French" of Los Angeles Calif for his kindness, and patience during this long purchase transaction. I will always be grateful Fuller on these rare Irwin Allen items!

( * ) Update: On July 27, 2005 I received an e-mail and photo from Shin of Japan. This photo ( 6 ) was taken in 1984 at the Japanese Museum. This was the second "Pacifica" sub used in the film. This was the white sub, that was seen briefly when attemping to save the Pacifica sub #1 from drowning. This is the first photo ever seen on this prop since the film was made.

Many thanks Shin for sharing this item with all of us!

( * ) Update: I received this e-mail on January 28, 2011. Hello I was the owner of ths Pacifica Sub from 1978-1993. Nice to see it again, and the hatch looks better then the balsa wood unpainted hatch that I covered the hole with right after I got it from the Sci-Fi auction at Palladium in Hollywood back in 1978. I have a Hollywood Museum in Metropolis Illinois home of the worlds largest Superman collection.

Jim Hambrick

Value: $6,000.

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