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Updated: July 11, 2023

Lost in Space / Irwin Allen Original Alien Lighting Fixture, Set Dressing Rare, Bizarre!

Used in numerous Irwin Allen Productions found at the famous "Secret Ranch" measures 9 1/2" wide by 25" tall by 5" deep. Comes with a hand-signed COA / LOA from The Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy the single largest discovery of original production used memorabilia from the classic Irwin Allen Television programs: Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, and Time Tunnel occured in 1993 at the now legendary "Secret Ranch" in Redlands, California.

"The Secret Ranch" was owned by a Rancher & Antique collector, who spent a great deal of time going to the infamous 20th Century Fox "Lot Auctions" and "Back lot Sales" in the early 1970's. He would purchase and transport truckload after truckload of original props, miniatures, set pieces, set dressing and full-size vehicles 100 miles outside of Los Angeles, and store them in a series of 75 foot long barns.

Here the 10 foot Jupiter-2, sections of the miniature city from City Beneath the Sea, and many other Irwin Allen pieces were discovered as well as numerous production artifacts from other Fox feature films, such as potions of Ape City from Planet of the Apes, miniatures from Tora Tora Tora, the Titanic miniature from A Night to Remember, a full size Train Locomotive set piece from Von Ryan's Express, and John Wayne's ship ( a 42 foot Battleship miniature ) from In Harm's Way, just to name a few. Sadly many of these pieces were left standing in the rain with no covering, and in leaky-roofed barns exposed to the elements for well over 2 decades.

The Secret Ranch got it's name from the fact that it's location and inventory was a closely guarded secret by only a few, rival Los Angeles based Memorabilia collectors.

It is an un-identified and un-researched piece of Alien set dressing that is obviously from the world of Irwin Allen, and was no doubt utilized in numerous Irwin Allen Television productions.

If you have ever wondered where the majority of Irwin Allen set dressing pieces ( Seaview Control panels, Planet of the Apes Furniture etc. ) that appeared on the Hollywood Memorabilia collectors market in the 1990's came from? In most cases they were discovered at The Secret Ranch.

The 40 year old Alien light fixture was constructed out of plywood and painted metallic silver by 20th Century Fox Studios Crew members, who worked in Irwin Allen's talented Art Department. The Bubble surfaced face of the piece was created with a vacuu-form panel. It was back-lit on set, with a standard house bulb light fixture.

A qualified, licensed electrician should be consulted regarding the lighting of the piece, as it was designed and built only to be used as a set dressing on set. However, as you can see by the following photos depicted below, there does appear to be adequate enough internal space to use a low-wattage bulb for illumination.

The piece does show signs of it's 4 decade old age, as you can see in the following photos.

This item is accompanied with a hand-signed LOA / COA from the proposed Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy,which curated the contents of The Secret Ranch and along with Planet Hollywood, saved hundreds of un-identified original Hollywood production artifacts from being discarded and or destroyed.

Value: $1,000-Up.

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