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Updated: December 30, 2021

(*) On September 15, 2005 I received this e-mail and drawings from Brian Boskind.

Attached are a few concept design sketches from my proposed follow up series to Lost in Space that I talked to you about briefly on the phone. Some of the designs have been further revised and I have started to make computer models of them. The point of them being that the original LIS designs (that people enjoyed) could be updated to be different yet stay within the design universe of the original show and therefore keep its identity.

There is a revised chariot design, a shuttle (developed as an updated version of a spindrift shuttle) that brings the crew to the launch site to board the "Andromeda 1" and the "Andromeda 1" itself. A new class of ship designed as a follow up to the Jupiter craft. It was to have been launched from Alpha Centuri amid fanfare and news broadcasts which detailed the crew and the mission. The reporters would have covered this launch in a telivised broadcast and behind them you would see the space colony/city made up of the other Jupiter ships that finally made it to Alpha Centuri once the investigation into the Robinson tragedy was wrapped up. There are also several different types of Robot follow up designs. Part of the specialized rescue crew would have included a distant relative of the Robinson family. perhaps a brother or sister of Maureen or John.

Anyway, see what you think?


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