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Updated: October 21, 2023

This Irwin Allen production based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel, The Lost World, dealing with a group of adventurers who come upon a land populated by prehistoric dinosaurs! And with a great cast including Michael Rennie leading the expedition, Lovely Jill St. John in one of her very first roles, and David Hedison, memorable as the Fly and as Captain Crane on Voyage to the Bottom of the sea ( for Irwin Allen, when he moved from movie mogul to TV producer and mogul! ). Claude Rains, and Fernando Lamas costar.

The Lost World starring Michael Rennie, Jill St. John, an eccentic science returns from the Amazon ( Claude Rains ) with news of a distant plateau where creatures from the time of dawn still prowl the jungle. To prove his history he gathers a team of explores including a journalist ( David Hedison ) a playboy adventurer ( Michael Rennie ) a beautiful socialite Jill St. John, and a pilot ( Fernando Lamas ) with a secret plan of revenge.

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