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Updated: July 08, 2023

"Man From The 25th Century". A human ( James Darrin ) is kidnapped from Earth and trained to attack his home world. But once he returns, he uses his powers gained from the aliens to fight against their invasion of Earth. On a distant planet, a human named Robert Prentice, born in the U.S. in 1951, has been kidnapped from Earth and raised and trained by aliens for a special mission.

When it is time for Prentice to leave on his all-important mission. the alien leader, Bonti, finds him still impaired with humanoid emotions. With no time left to be further trained, the aliens, five hundred years more advanced than the Earth civilization. send him to his home world to destroy Project Delphi. He is to kill anyone who gets in his way, a job he has been trained for over twenty years to do. Sent to Earth aboard a disc-shaped space ship, he lands and drives away in a small sports car and is now dressed in Earth clothes to conceal his identity. Nearing the location of Project, his car is automatically driven through a mountainside into a tunnel that leads to one of many levels of the underground installation. Prentice is one of several visitors who are being given a tour of the installation. which operates military defenses against intruders from space. The ultimate defensive weapon is operated at Project Delphi - that will forever make Earth safe -except that Prentice is being sent to destroy the weapon.

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