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Updated: September 07, 2015

"The Invaders" Episode List:

Season 1, 1967:

(1) "Beachhead" (1/10/67) Architect David Vincent sees a flying saucer, but when he reports it everyone from his business partner to a skeptical town sheriff thinks he's lost his mind. Written by Anthony Wilson. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Guest Stars: Diane Baker, James Daly, J. D. Cannon, John Milford, James (Skip) Ward, Bonnie Beecher, Vaughn Taylor, Ellen Corby, Mary Jackson, Charles McDaniel, Shirley Falls, E. A. Nicholson, Dennis Cross.

(2) "The Experiment" (1/17/67) Vincent tries to prevent the assassination of an astrophysicist, unaware that the aliens' have brainwashed the scientist's son to carry out their plot. Written by Anthony Spinner. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall, Laurence Naismith, Harold Gould, Dabbs Greer, Lawrence Montaigne, Jackie Kendall, Stuart Lancaster, Willard Sage, John Ward, Roy Sickner, Mel Gallagher, Soon Taik Oh.

(3) "The Mutation" (1/24/67) Shadowed by an oily reporter and an Air Force Intelligence operative, Vincent looks for flying saucers in the Mexican desert and makes contact with an alien stripper who claims she has human feelings. Written by David Chandler. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette, Edward Andrews, Lin McCarthy, Rodolfo Hoyos, Roy Jenson, Argentina Brunetti, Val Avery, William Stevens, Roberto Contreras, Pepe Callahan, Ted Gehring, Tina Menard, Tony Davis, Pedro Regas.

(4) "The Leeches" (1/31/67) Vincent gets involved with the marital problems of a top electronics expert who believes that he, like other major scientists before him, will be kidnapped and tortured by the aliens. Written by Dan Ullman. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Mark Richman, Arthur Hill, Diana Van Der Vlis, Robert H. Harris, Peter Brocco, Theo Marcuse, Noah Keen, Hank Brandt, William Wintersole, Ray Kellogg, Tom Signorelli.

(5) "Genesis" (2/7/67) The aliens take over a Seaworld-like installation where they try to create an alien-human hybrid in one of the underwater tanks. Written by John W. Bloch. Directed by Richard Benedict. Guest Stars: John Larch, Carol Rossen, Frank Overton, William Sargent, Tim McIntyre, Louise Latham, Phillip E. Pine, Jonathan Lippe, Dallas Mitchell, James Devine, Bill Erwin, Dani Nolan, Bill Hickman.

(6) "Vikor" (2/14/67) Vincent goes undercover as chauffeur to the alcoholic wife of a manufacturer who is working alongside the aliens. Written by "Michael Adams" (Meyer Dolinsky). Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Jack Lord, Diana Hyland, Alfred Ryder, Richard O'Brien, Larry Duran, Sam Edwards, Hal Baylor, Joe di Reda, Max Kleven.

(7) "Nightmare" (2/21/67) Vincent travels to a small and unaccountably hostile town, where a mentally unstable schoolteacher's account of a carnivorous locust attack convinces him that the aliens are at work. Written by John Kneubuhl. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Kathleen Widdoes, James Callahan, Robert Emhardt, William Bramley, Jeanette Nolan, Nellie Burt, Irene Tedrow, John Harmon, Logan Field, Wayne Heffley, William Challee, Carey Loftin, Jim Halferty.

(8) "Doomsday Minus One" (2/28/67) An army ally summons Vincent to a nuclear test site, where the commanding officer appears to be collaborating with the aliens. Written by Louis Vittes. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: William Windom, Andrew Duggan, Wesley Addy, Robert Osterloh, Tom Palmer, Lee Farr, Dave Armstrong, Lew Brown, K.L. Smith, Don Kennedy, Rick Murray.

(9) "Quantity: Unknown" (3/7/67) Infiltrating a lab where an intercepted cylinder is being studied, Vincent makes the acquaintance of a helpful female scientist and a security guard who claims that the aliens killed his family. Teleplay by Don Brinkley. Story by Clyde Ware. Directed by Sutton Roley. Guest Stars: James Whitmore, Susan Strasberg, Milton Selzer, William Talman, Barney Phillips, Douglas Henderson, Ernest Sarracino, Byron Keith, Ron Doyle, Michael Harris, Raymond Guth, Melville Ruick.

(10) "The Innocent" (3/14/67) Backed by a sympathetic investigator for a congressional committee, Vincent searches for a down-on-his-luck fisherman who intercepted an alien device and is now in fear for his life. Teleplay by John W. Bloch. Story by Norman Klenman & Bernard Rothman and John W. Bloch. Directed by Sutton Roley. Guest Stars: Michael Rennie, William Smithers, Dabney Coleman, Patricia Smith, Katherine Justice, Robert Doyle, Paul Carr, Frank Marth, Harry Lauter, Johnny Jensen, Erik Holland.

(11) "The Ivy Curtain" (3/21/67) Driven by his wife's greed, a weak-willed pilot agrees to transport newly-arrived aliens to an indoctrination center disguised as an elite private school. Written by Don Brinkley. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Guest Stars: Jack Warden, Susan Oliver, Murray Matheson, David Sheiner, Barry Russo, Clark Gordon, Byron Morrow, Paul Pepper, Laurie Mock, Ted Markland, John Napier, Garth Pillsbury, Bud Perkins, Jacqueline Mayo.

(12) "The Betrayed" (3/28/67) Vincent tries to convince a wealthy oilman that aliens are operating out of his refinery, only to fall in love with the tycoon's beautiful daughter. Written by John W. Bloch. Story by Theodore Sturgeon and John W. Bloch. Directed by John Meredyth Lucas. Guest Stars: Laura Devon, Ed Begley, Norman Fell, Nancy Wickwire, Bill Fletcher, Ivan Bonar, Ron Stokes, Max Kleven, Victor Brandt, Joel Fluellen, Gil Stuart, Garrison True.

(13) "Storm" (4/4/67) In a small fishing village, Vincent investigates the death of a meteorologist who believed that a freak hurricane was the creation of aliens. Written by John Kneubuhl. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella, Barbara Luna, Carlos Romero, Dean Harens, John McLiam, Paul Comi, Simon Scott, Edward Faulkner, Allen Emerson, John Mayo.

(14) "Panic" (4/11/67) A sick alien can kill with his touch, and Vincent chases the fleeing extraterrestrial in hopes of securing his cooperation before the other aliens can kill him. Written by Robert Sherman. Directed by Robert Butler. Guest Stars: Robert Walker, Lynn Loring, R. G. Armstrong, Rayford Barnes, Len Wayland, Ross Hagen, Ford Rainey, Robert Sorrells, Helen Kleeb, Don Eitner, Mercedes Shirley, Don Ross, Joseph Perry, Ralph Thomas.

(15) "Moonshot" (4/18/67) The mysterious deaths of two astronauts set to participate in the first manned voyage to the moon convinces Vincent that one of the men on the flight team is an alien. Teleplay by John W. Bloch and Rita Lakin. Story by Rita Lakin. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Peter Graves, Joanne Linville, Kent Smith, John Ericson, Richard X. Slattery, Strother Martin, Anthony Eisley, Paul Lukather, Robert Knapp, Ross Elliott, John Lupton, John Carter, Charles A. McDaniel, Steve Ferry, Morgan Jones, Steve Cory, Ollie O'Toole, Bob Duggan, Lee Millar.

(16) "Wall of Crystal" (5/2/67) Vincent finds a deadly, oxygen-destroying crystal and persuades a popular talk-show host to expose it on national television, but the aliens blackmail him by threatening Vincent's skeptical brother and his pregnant wife. Teleplay by Don Brinkley and Dan Ullman. Story by Dan Ullman. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Linden Chiles, Julie Sommars, Edward Asner, Lloyd Gough, Russ Conway, Jerry Ayres, Peggy Lipton, Mary Lou Taylor, Fred Waugh, Karen Norris, Ray Kellogg.

(17) "The Condemned" (5/9/67) An industrialist hides out with stolen proof of the aliens' existence, but Vincent's efforts to help him are foiled when the aliens frame him for murder. Written by Robert Sherman. Directed by Richard Benedict. Guest Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Murray Hamilton, Marlyn Mason, John Ragin, Larry Ward, Garry Walberg, Wright King, Paul Bryar, Kevin Burchett, Harlan Warde, Geoffrey Deuel, Stuart Nisbet, Debi Storm, Seymour Cassel, Gordon Wescourt.

Season 2, 1967-68:

(18) "Condition: Red" (9/5/67) Vincent investigates a murdered doctor's report of a woman who lives yet has no pulse only to find that she's an alien, and the recent bride of a NORAD officer. Written by Laurence Heath. Directed by Don Medford. Guest Stars: Antoinette Bower, Jason Evers, Simon Scott, Mort Mills, Forrest Compton, Robert Brubaker, Burt Douglas, Roy Engel, Jim Raymond.

(19) "The Saucer" (9/12/67) Vincent siezes control of a spaceship at its desert landing site, but he must guard it from treacherous humans as well as aliens intent on recapturing it. Written by Dan Ullman. Directed by Jesse Hibbs. Guest Stars: Anne Francis, Charles Drake, Dabney Coleman, Kelly Thordsen, Sandy Kenyon, Robert Knapp, John Ward, Glenn Bradley, Christopher Shea, Tina Menard, Robert Dulaine, Glenn Sipes.

(20) "The Watchers" (9/19/67) Vincent tracks down an electronics wizard who is helping the aliens in hopes of securing a cure for his blind niece. Teleplay by Jerry Sohl and Earl Hamner, Jr. Story by Earl Hamner, Jr. and "Michael Adams" (Meyer Dolinsky). Directed by Jesse Hibbs. Guest Stars: Shirley Knight, Kevin McCarthy, Leonard Stone, Walter Brooke, Robert Yuro, Harry Hickox, John Zaremba, Paul Sorenson, James Seay, Marlowe Jensen.

(21) "Valley of the Shadow" (9/26/67) When most of the residents of a small town observe the incineration of an alien on Main Street, Vincent must bargain with the aliens to keep them from annihilating the entire village. Teleplay by Robert Sabaroff. Story by Howard Merrill and Robert Sabaroff. Directed by Jesse Hibbs. Guest Stars: Ron Hayes, Joe Maross, Nan Martin, Harry Townes, Ted Knight, Jon Lormer, Robert Sorrells, Hank Brandt, James B. Sikking, Mark Roberts, Don Eitner, Claudia Bryar, Wayne Heffley, Phil Chambers, Jimmy Hayes, Richard Gardner.

(22) "The Enemy" (10/3/67) A world-weary nurse tries to aid a wounded alien who has begun to mutate after escaping a saucer crash. Written by John W. Bloch. Directed by Robert Butler. Guest Stars: Barbara Barrie, Richard Anderson, Paul Mantee, Gene Lyons, Russell Thorson, George Keymas.

(23) "The Trial" (10/10/67) Vincent's old friend Charlie Gilman goes on trial for the murder of an alien who had recently married Gilman's ex-wife. Written by George Eckstein and David W. Rintels. Directed by Robert Butler. Guest Stars: Don Gordon, Lynda Day, Russell Johnson, Harold Gould, Malcolm Atterbury, William Zuckert, James McCallion, John Rayner, Richard Hale, Amy Douglass, Jason Wingreen, Sid McCoy, Selette Cole, Robert Duggan.

(24) "The Spores" (10/17/67) A stolen case of alien seedlings passes from a trio of hoodlums to a feuding married couple to a small child, with Vincent, the police, and the aliens in pursuit. Teleplay by Ellis Kadison & Joel Kane. Story by Al Ramrus & John Shaner and Ellis Kadison & Joel Kane. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: Gene Hackman, John Randolph, Wayne Rogers, Patricia Smith, Mark Miller, Kevin Coughlin, James Gammon, Judee Morton, Noam Pitlik, Joel Davison, Brian Nash, Stephen Liss, Christine Matchett, Vince Howard, Norma Connolly.

(25) "Dark Outpost" (10/24/67) An unwitting passenger on an alien saucer, Vincent ends up at a desert installation where he crosses paths with a group of archaeology students whose professor has been murdered by the invaders. Written by Jerry Sohl. Directed by George McCowan. Guest Stars: Andrew Prine, Dawn Wells, Tim McIntyre, Whit Bissell, Kelly Jean Peters, Tom Lowell, William Sargent, Susan Davis, Walter Reed, William Stevens, William Wintersole, Ron Doyle, Sam Edwards, Bard Stevens, Patrick Riley, Mark Allen.

(26) "Summit Meeting" Part One (10/31/67) (27) "Summit Meeting" Part Two (11/7/67) A famous Scandinavian peacemaker proposes a conference of world leaders, but Vincent suspects that the man is an alien puppet, unknowingly arranging a mass assassination. Written by George Eckstein. Directed by Don Medford. Guest Stars: William Windom, Diana Hyland, Michael Rennie, Eduard Franz, Ford Rainey, Richard Eastham, Jay Lanin, Martin West, Ian Wolfe, Ben Wright, Lew Brown, Don Lamond, William Boyett, Lee Farr, Troy Melton, Morgan Jones, Ross Elliott, Peter Hobbs, Vic Perrin, Victoria Hale, Albert Carrier, Hank Simms, Dave Armstrong, Don Ross, John Mayo, Hal Riddle, Gil Stuart.

(28) "The Prophet" (11/14/67) Vincent tries to expose an alien evangelist who glows red at the end of each sermon, but he must contend with the loyalty of the alien's human disciple, a former drug addict. Teleplay by Warren Duff. Story by Jerry De Bono. Directed by Robert Douglas. Guest Stars: Pat Hingle, Zina Bethune, Roger Perry, Richard O'Brien, Byron Keith, Dan Frazer, Ray Kellogg.

(29) "Labyrinth" (11/21/67) Vincent takes some alien x-rays to a university UFO project, only to learn that the head researcher's daughter, back from a lengthy stay in Europe, may be an alien impostor. Written by Art Wallace. Directed by Murray Golden. Guest Stars: Sally Kellerman, James Callahan, Ed Begley, Virginia Christine, John Zaremba, Ed Peck, Martin Blaine, E. J. Andre, William Quinn, William Sumper, Barbara Dodd, Wilhelm von Homburg.

(30) "The Captive" (11/28/67) A Russian ambassador summons Vincent after he finds that a burglar caught inside the embassy is an alien. Written by Laurence Heath. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver, Dana Wynter, Don Dubbins, Lawrence Dane, Dallas Mitchell, Tom Palmer, Douglas Henderson, Peter Coe, Jock Gaynor, Alex Rodine, Robert Patten, K. L. Smith.

(31) "The Believers" (12/5/67) Vincent is kidnapped in a sneak attack on his newfound alien-fighting allies, and he must try to escape an alien installation with a human psychologist. Written by Barry Oringer. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Carol Lynley, Donald Davis, Anthony Eisley, Rhys Williams, Than Wyenn, Byron Morrow, Kathleen Larkin, Warren Parker, Maura McGiveney, Richard Karlan, Hal Baylor, Mark Tapscott, Allen Emerson, Ed Long, Tim Burns, Ed Barth, Frank Reinhard.

(32) "The Ransom" (12/12/67) Vincent and Bob Torin capture an alien VIP, but they find themselves trapped in a mountain cabin with their hostage, a dying poet, and his granddaughter. Written by Robert Collins. Directed by Lewis Allen. Guest Stars: Laurence Naismith, Alfred Ryder, Karen Black, Anthony Eisley, Lawrence Montaigne, John Ragin, John Graham, Ron Husmann, Christopher Held, Joe Quinn.

(33) "Task Force" (12/26/67) Vincent gains the confidence of a powerful newspaper publisher, but the aliens have control of his wayward nephew. Written by Warren Duff. Directed by Gerald Mayer. Guest Stars: Linden Chiles, Nancy Kovack, Frank Marth, John Lasell, Martin Wolfson, Barney Phillips, John Stephenson, Walter Woolf King, Robert Dulaine.

(34) "The Possessed" (1/2/68) Vincent discovers that the aliens are performing a mind-control experiment on his friend, and that the man's brother is a collaborator. Written by John W. Bloch. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: Michael Tolan, Michael Constantine, William Smithers, Katherine Justice, Charles Bateman, Booth Colman, Rose Hobart, Matt Pelto, Lyn Hobart.

(35) "Counterattack" (1/9/68) The Believers' plot to block alien radar signals and down all their ships, but the aliens retaliate by framing Vincent for murder. Written by Laurence Heath. Directed by Robert Douglas. Guest Stars: Ahna Capri, Donald Davis, Lin McCarthy, John Milford, Ken Lynch, Warren Vanders, Pamela Curran, Don Chastain, Ross Elliott, Walter Baldwin, Ed Prentiss, Charles J. Stewart.

(36) "The Pit" (1/16/68) One of the Believers is committed to an insane asylum, and Vincent learns that the man had uncovered an alien experiment in controlling human dreams. Written by Jack Miller. Directed by Lewis Allen. Guest Stars: Joanne Linville, Donald Harron, Charles Aidman, Simon Scott, Johnny Jensen, Noah Keen, Bartlett Robinson, Dort Clark, Lisabeth Field, Michael Harris, Pat O'Hara.

(37) "The Organization" (1/30/68) The aliens incur the wrath of the mafia when they accidentally intercept a shipment of heroin, and Vincent reluctantly considers an alliance with a mob boss. Written by Franklin Barton. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: J. D. Cannon, Chris Robinson, Larry Gates, Roy Poole, Barry Atwater, Ross Hagen, John Kellogg, Nelson Olmstead, Troy Melton, Mark Allen.

(38) "The Peacemaker" (2/6/68) The Believers convince a high-ranking army official of the aliens' existence, but to their surprise the general wants to arrange peace talks instead of war preparations. Written by David W. Rintels. Directed by Robert Day. Guest Stars: James Daly, Lin McCarthy, Phyllis Thaxter, Alfred Ryder, Pat Carding, Jan Merlin, Larry Thor, Byron Keith, Jack Bannon, Craig Huebing, Ed Deemer.

(39) "The Vise" (2/20/68) Vincent tries to convince a black Senate investigator that a fellow African-American, up for a key NASA appointment, is an alien, but the man's racial loyalty makes him reluctant to accept Vincent's evidence. Teleplay by William Blinn. Story by Robert Sabaroff and William Blinn. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: Raymond St. Jacques, Janet MacLachlan, Roscoe Lee Browne, Austin Willis, Louis Gossett, Joel Fluellen, D'Urville Martin, John Ward, James Devine, Pepe Brown, Red Boyd Morgan, Robert Johnson.

(40) "The Miracle" (2/27/68) In a small New Mexico town, a provincial teenage girl witnesses an alien's incineration and believes it to be a sign from God. Teleplay by Robert Collins. Story by Robert Collins and Norman Herman. Directed by Robert Day. Guest Stars: Barbara Hershey, Edward Asner, Christopher Shea, Robert Biheller, Arch Johnson, Marion Thompson, Wayne Heffley, Rayford Barnes, Phil Adams.

(41) "The Life Seekers" (3/5/68) A pair of aliens who want to return to their home planet and make a political argument against the invasion of Earth ask Vincent to help them elude an intensive police manhunt. Written by Laurence Heath. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Guest Stars: Diana Muldaur, R.G. Armstrong, Barry Morse, Arthur Franz, Stephen Brooks, Morgan Jones, Paul Comi, Herb Armstrong, Barry Cahill, Scott Graham, Robert Johnson.

(42) "The Pursued" (3/12/68) The aliens' experiments with artificial human emotions go awry when one of their subjects, prone to homicidal rages, defects to Vincent's side. Written by Don Brinkley. Directed by William Hale. Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette, Will Geer, Gene Lyons, Dana Elcar, Richard O'Brien, Eldon Quick, Mike McGreevey, Mary Jackson, Barry Williams, Robert Johnson.

(43) "Inquisition" (3/26/68) The aliens assassinate a senator just as Vincent and Scoville are trying to convince him to join their crusade, leaving the Believers in hot water as an ambitious governent prosecutor seeks conspiracy and murder indictments against them. Written by Barry Oringer. Directed by Robert Glatzer. Guest Stars: Mark Richman, Susan Oliver, John Milford, Stewart Moss, Robert H. Harris, Alex Gerry, Allen Joseph, Mary Gregory, Richard Merrifield, Burt Douglas, Bill Egan, Ernest Harada, Michael Harris, Lincoln Demyan, George Robotham.

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