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Updated: July 10, 2004

Original metal pistol from The Invaders. (Quinn Martin Productions, 1967-68) This exceedingly rare pistol was used by the alien "Invaders" in their battle against "David Vincent", portrayed by Roy Thinnes. Constructed of machined metal, the gun has a working trigger mechanism that recoils a tongue-like piece at the barrel tip. This gun made its appearance in the first season with no fins on the front; by the second season, the producers decided to add the fins for more detailing. This particular example is one of only three made of machined metal and is in the best condition of the three. Familiar with television success as the producer of such popular shows as The Fugitive, The FBI, and later, Cannon, Barnaby Jones and The Streets of San Francisco, The Invaders was Quinn Martin's first attempt at science-fiction. Many consider The Invaders to be one of the best science-fiction series ever produced. The gun measures 7 in. in. length.

Value: $3,000. - $5,000.

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