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Updated: May 24, 2024

The show I Dream of Jeannie ran for 5 seasons and produced 139 episodes ( 109 were in color and 30 black and white ). The show was written, produced and created by Sidney Sheldon. The show went into production in December, 1964. The 1st season 30 episodes were filmed in black and white film. ( The black and white episodes have been colorized for reruns by some syndicated packages ). The show went into color in 1966. The show finished filming in January, 1970.

The show premiered September 18, 1965 and the last first run episode aired May 26, 1970 and then reruns began until September, 1970 and then reruns went into international syndication and the show is still rerunning.

Barbara Eden played Jeannie's sister in 9 episodes of I Dream of Jeannie and Jeannie's Mother, Mrs. Jeannie, in 2 episodes. Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman reunited for the movie A Howling in The Woods in 1971 and in 5 episodes of Dallas in 1990 and there were movie reunions I Dream of Jeannie., 15 Years later which aired October 20, 1985 with Barbara Eden reprising her roles of Jeannie and Jeannie's sister with Bill Daily and Hayden Rorke and Wayne Rogers replacing Larry Hagman in the role of Jeannie's master husband and I Still Dream Of Jeannie which aired October 20, 1991 with Barbara Eden reprising her roles again of Jeannie and Jeannie's sister with Bill Daily and a Jeannie reunion in The Today Show interview with Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman that aired March 1, 1995 and Barbara Eden reprised her role of Jeannie in the movie A Very Brady Sequel and in a commercial for Lexus in 1998, Donny and Marie Show with Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily and Sidney Sheldon that aired in November, 1999 and Barbara Eden hosted a 8 part segment for the syndicated Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment This Week in May, 1984 about 1960's comedy shows and one of these was the show I Dream of Jeannie and had interviews with Larry Hagman ( Master ), Bill Daily ( Roger ) and Hayden Rorke ( Dr. Bellows ).

The show is so popular that there was a 2003 Jeannie Reunion when Barbara Eden,Larry Hagman,and Bill Daily reunited for a special interview with Larry King in June, 2003 if you are a "Jeannie" fan then you will want to visit the Barbara Eden Photos Gallery at for many photos of Barbara Eden from "Jeannie" and shows listed at listen to the "Jeannie" theme music song with words at

Show Information:

First Aired September 1965 Last Aired September 1970 Status Canceled/Ended Running Time 30 min Country United States Network NBC

Show Stars:

Bill Daily - Major Roger Healey Barbara Eden - Jeannie Larry Hagman - Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson Vinton Hayworth - General Winfield Schaeffer ( 1968-1970 ) Emmaline Henry - Amanda Bellows ( 1966-1970 ) Barton MacLane - General Martin Peterson ( 1965-1969 ) Hayden Rorke - Colonel Dr. Alfred E.J. Bellows

Show Crew:

Sidney Sheldon - Executive Producer

Sidney Sheldon - Creator

Sidney Sheldon's magical creation I Dream of Jeannie ran for 5 delightful eye-blinking, belly-button hiding seasons. The premise for the show is your typical "Astronaut meets Genie, Genie loves Astronaut, Astronaut marries Genie story." And while comparisons between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched would be natural ( especially since they both had supernatural female leads asked to keep their powers "in check" and both were filmed at the same time on the same lot, ) I Dream of Jeannie maintained a sweet-slapstick integrity and playfulness that was uniquely it's own.

Much of that playfulness resulted from the wonderful chemistry between Larry Hagman ( the Astronaut ) and Barbara Eden ( the Genie ). Their chemistry was clear from the pilot episode and post I Dream of Jeannie, the two reunited for the movie A Howling in the Woods, as well as 5 episodes of Hagman's later dramatic series Dallas.

The show's three principal actors, Eden, Hagman and Bill Daily have all made numerous appearances at TV Land events. The First Annual TV Land Awards Show saw Barbara Eden walk off with the Viewer's Choice for Favorite in a Dual Role for her role as Jeannie and her sister Jeannie.

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