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Updated: January 20, 2018

DAY EARTH STOOD STILL - GORT ROBOT & GIRL RESIN MODEL - Were you at the Chiller Theatre Expo this past weekend?

If you were, perhaps you saw this incredible new garage kit that Terry Webb premiered at the show. And then again, perhaps not, as the Webbhead only brought three castings to sell.

This is Terry's tribute to the 1951 sci-fi classic, "The Day the Earth Stood Still," featuring the mighty robot Gort toting off Patricia Neal in terror. Few have contributed more to keep the hobby alive and informed than Mr. Webb has over the years, beginning with his pioneering work on Model and Toy Collector magazine, then his trio of "...Ate My Wallet" books, and today still going strong helming Amazing Figure Modeler. Indeed, Webb knows the hobby, and what a kit collector wants - here's proof.

This is Gort as never before, staunchly carrying his earth-captive as he exits Klaatu's spacecraft, looking just as ominous as he did in the film. It's a great sculpt, with a dramatic tension between the two figures, and a brilliant base, patterned after that split-doorway ramp of the flying saucer. The lower half of the ramp doubles as a movie logo nameplate, powerfully announcing the model on display.

All kit components are slickly cast in solid gray resin, with neatly keyed joints for a perfect and seamless fit. When assembled, Gort himself stands 12" tall, and the overall model measures a commanding 16 1/4" tall x 7 1/2" wide x 10" deep. The photo below shows the model on display at Chiller, but only hints at the true impact of the piece. This exciting new model is complete, unbuilt, and offered here to those who just can't wait to get their hands on an upcoming kit classic.

According to Webb, this kit is casting #3, the last one of what he brought to the Show to premiere. So, don't Stand Still, grab Gort while the grabbin's good, or wait another lightyear or two. Klaatu barada nikto!

[Please note that this is an original garage kit, not a recast. Sassy's Satellite caters to the true kit collectors worldwide, always offering only original garage kits, never recast kits, whether unbuilt models or professionally assembled & finished items. We are ethically opposed to recasting within the hobby and only deal in authentic original garage kits.]

Retail Value: $180. (Limited Release April 2007)

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