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Updated: October 16, 2021

Monster Sci-Fi Movie Fanzine magazine - SPFX special effects magazine #2. This great very scares Fanzine was produced for a short period of time in 1978 by Movie maker Ted A. Bohus. It is a special Sci-Fi classic - (The Day the Earth Stood Still) Movie issue.

It has many rare photos from the most of the scenes in the Movie, and many behind the scenes photos like the actor looking out the eye hole of the Gort Robot costume, and other rare behind the scenes photos of shots made during the production, and on the sets. There is an interview with Robert Wise & Edmund H. North. There are photos of the many Movie posters that were issued for promoting and marketing the film. It has a great colorful displayable front and back cover. The front cover has awesome artwork of Gort the Robot, and Klaatu (Michael Rennie). The back cover has a very nice publicity photo of Gort and Klaatu as well.

Not many of these Fanzines were produced. It is very difficult to locate any of these in the open market today. A must have for any Sci-Fi collector.

Value: $100.

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