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Updated: October 16, 2021

Attention people of Earth!!

From the Movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" comes the most awesome Robot ever to walk the face of the Earth....Gort!

The entire population of the planet watch as this menacing, mechanical servant of the Alien Klaatu emerges from a magnificent flying saucer.

The forces of mankind have little effect on this technological terror from outer space. It's indestructible capabilities and awesome firepower are unstoppable and far beyond human comprehension!

Gort shows no mercy to those that threaten his master. He is unstoppable and with his deadly beam will vaporize all who oppose him. From outer space comes...a warning and an ultimatum!

Now!.... As a tribute to the awesome movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still", witness the following movie cells in the spectacular production.

"The Ultimatum!" Starring the Superb Gort Robot model, one of the most accurate models of the Robot ever produced!

This Gort Robot comes completely assembled and painted at a professional level and is waiting for you to display in your collection!

This super cool Gort Robot was designed and scratch built by (Cliff Robinson) a professional sculptor in England UK making him quite a rare item!

Gort stands an impressive 12 inches in height and with the optional display base (included) stands 12.5 inches, magnificent! Gort is made completely of solid resin which gives him a lovely quality weight feel.

Value: $250.

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