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Updated: October 15, 2021

"This is a 16 inch "Garage Kit"', Resin cast, of "Gort" the Robot, from the classic "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Not particularly difficult to assemble, however this one has a very interesting upgrade, a fully lighted "Eye" circuit, that is made up of eleven separate SED segments. The flow pattern is even and smooth. Left to right, centers for a moment, then left to right again. A special lighting effect circuit from "Space Circuits", will "kick this project up a notch!"

It also features a removable Visor, an engraved brass plaque, and a custom Lexan Lighted Base with 4 corner Spotlights. Film clips of the amazing "Eye" effect lighting in action, can be seen at my home site,

Regards, Simon "Papa Smurf" Mercs

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