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Updated: October 15, 2021

Gort Robot early resin model by Bowen. Here's one of the world's favorite robots, culpted by one of the planet's top talents... many, many moons ago.

This is Gort, from "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and one of Randy Bowen's very first sculptures, rendered as a resin kit by the original Lunar Models of Texas, way back in 1988. Lunar was surely an American pioneer when it comes to garage kits, and their Morlock from "The Time Machine" was actually Bowen's first model sculpt, followed soon after by this fellow. In fact, this is one of Lunar's very first castings of Gort, poured 18 years ago, using a hard, orange resin that still stinks to this day. This was their primitive, first attempt at Gort (and their third figure kit of over 100 others to follow) foolishly molded with a split down the middle of the figure, making for a much more complex assembly. (However, for those who wish to build, the two halves do align together well.)

The charm of this kit, is truly its place of importance within the garage kit continum. It's one of the first American resin models, with early production quality, early resin, and very early Bowen. Heck, the guy even signed the sculpt on the inside of Gort's back!

There are two sets of arms, allowing for two stances; straight arms, or bent at the elbow. The parts are rather cleanly cast in solid resin, and the robot menace builds to stand 12" tall. Everything's here, in mint, unbuilt condition, packaged with the kit's original box and instruction sheet, both superbly illustrated by Jim Key.

Yeah, it's been re-designed, and reissued over the years, but this one's the original relic, worthy of a time capsule. If you respect the earliest efforts, and appreciate digging up an Honest-to-God dinosaur bone, make time Stand Still with Lunar's Gort, by Randy Bowen.

(Please note that this is an original garage kit, not a recast. Sassy's Satellite caters to the true kit collectors worldwide, always offering only original garage kits, never recast kits, whether unbuilt models or professionally assembled & finished items. We are ethically opposed to recasting within the hobby and only deal in authentic original garage kits.)

Value: $100.

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