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Updated: September 12, 2021

Modeler's Resource issue #45 April/May 2002

On the Shelf with Fred DeRuvo: From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, Sci-Fi Styrene with Steve "CultTVman" Iverson, From the Lair of the Craftbeast: The She-Creature! & Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Maximum Modeling with Jim Key: Shanghai Noon and Creating a Miniature Golden Pacific, Goodies & Gadgets, Beastly Behemoths, Behind the Curtain: Farscape: Sci-Fi with Attitude! Adventures in Modeling: To the Batboat!, It Came From Hollywood with Hilber Graf: Gaslight Crusader, It's Just a Matter of Size with Jim Bertges, Coming at You!, Showtime!, Kits That Time Forgot: Gigantic Frankenstein, Building Irwin Allen's Spindrift by Dave Metzner, Superman Re-Animated with Norm "Kitman" Piatt, Down the Prehistoric Trail with Mike Fredericks, Across the Pond with Andrew "Mad Dog" Hall.

This special "Modeler's Magazine" was issued April/May of 2002. With the new release of the Polar Lights Giants Spindrift kit in June 2002 fans, collectors, and model builders are excited about this long awaited kit. The magazine has 4 pages on this model, and has many updated tips and ideas to build your model into a super diorama to be proud of owing when completed. This magazine is quickly being sold out on your newstands now.

Value: $20.00

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