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Updated: August 31, 2021

"Land of the Giant's" Awesome Spindrift Blueprint!

Roller Platform & Details Schematic from various angles measures a huge, 36" by 36"! Original Production copy from September 18, 1967 by 20th Century Fox Art Department.

Here's a very nice production artifact from the classic Irwin Allen Science Fiction / Action Adventure Television Series, Land of the Giant's.

This is an over-sized Irwin Allen production blueprint, drafted and printed 40 years ago during the pre-production phase of the construction of the awesome super-sonic transport vehicle the "Spindrift".

This 36" by 36" vintage blueprint copy was copied directly off of the original illustration, which is dated September 18, 1967. It depicts the intended, early set-construction phase of the full-size vehicle, that would be known as the Spindrift, as it was mounted on a rolling platform. Which allowed it to be moved to various areas on-set if needed.

There are some great instructions and information indicated on the blueprint including:

* Add 1/4" plate glass to cockpit windows, re-work. Glass to be wild. * Piece to be honeycomb plastic as selected see A.D. * Wilds with platform on rollers * Accordion door by drapery. Open beyond * Elevation...Vestibule * Provides rollers in sill * Sliding door...walnut finish * Practical Lighting * Control Board * Change exit door as shown

The blueprint data chart indicates the blueprint as being from: Production: # A-2499 Set # A 2499-07 Picture: The Land of the Giant's Set: INT. Spaceship Director: I. Allen Art Director: R. Maus Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Note: Please see the pictures depicted below for item condition. As you can see the piece has aged from almost 4 decades of storage and was stained, has some water marks etc. from being on set. We actually prefer the natural,"weathered look" of pieces like this because they show their age and usage during a production.

Blueprints were practical in nature...they were never meant to be "preserved." Who knows a Land of the Giant's crew member might have sat his cup of coffee...or a sandwich on this blueprint 40 years ago....while studying the full-size Spindrift set...sitting on a Sound Stage at 20th Century Fox.

This is a wonderful piece of historical Television memorabilia from a genuine cult-classic series. Suitable for framing. An investment quality museum piece.

Value: $100. ( Copy ) $1,000-Up. ( Original )

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