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Updated: August 21, 2021

Issued by Aurora in 1968 and sold for $1.50. The "Rocket Transport Spindrift" comes with a removable fuselage & crew member figures. The ship comes in a orange exterior, & green interior with decals. These rare kits built-up still hold there values in today's market. Polar Lights will also reissue this kit in the near future.

"Many thanks to, Robert Dea of Deland Flordia for selling me this great kit!"

This second set of photo's is yet another original Aurora kit from Land of the Giant's, this is the classic spindrift space ship from the 60's TV series by Irwin Allen. Highly atmosphic model completely hand built. The model length is approx 10 inches long by 6 inches wide. This model has been weighed down to make this feel like a quality model. Now weighs over 300 grams. This now gives the model a quality feel to it. The colors are vibrant, painted in matt red, with dark grey and light grey stripes, gold and dark grey logos and gold color antenna's at the top and bottom. Also has a gold stand. Front section is removable and has a sliding door that works well. Once the hood is removed, this reveils a highly detailed cock pit and passenger cabin. In the cockpit there are 2 male pilots and 1 female stewardess.

The New updated photos were submitted on 1/28/04. Again Another Polar Lights reissue of the classic spaceship Spindrift from the Irwin Allen series "Land Of The Giant's". The kit comes with a removable top to display the fully detailed interior. I have airbrushed the model with accurate colors and handbrushed the smaller details. This has always been one of my favorite sci-fi spaceship designs, Irwin Allen always had great vehicles in his shows.

Many thanks to, "Bob Nitsche" of Austin Texas!

Value: $350. (Each)

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