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Updated: August 21, 2021

Fully assembled Polar Lights 1:64 scale Polar Lights Spindrift with campsite diorama kit. Diorama furniture, accessories, foliage and rocks. Spaceship was fully assembled by hand, and has a complete and furnished interior with complete lighting! Spaceship has crystal clear windows, scratch built control yokes on cockpit control panel and also comes with extra exterior stripe decals. Includes three figures - Steve, Dan and Betty, rocks, foliage, moss and 17" x 11" diorama board with logo and title.

Model ship is fully assembled with complete lighting. Red intake lights blink as seen on the TV show. Lights are powered by a 3V battery pack with On and Off switch (includes 2 AA batteries). All campsite furnishings (bunks, tables, hatchet, rope, steps, lean-to etc.) and diorama board were handmade.

Spaceship is 12" long 6" wide. Diorama is 17" long 11" wide.

Value: $300.

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