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Updated: August 14, 2021

Land of the Giant's - "Spindrift" professionally finished, built-up Lundar Model kit!

A pre-built, pre-painted, ready-to-display spaceship model measuring approx. 16" in length, by 9" in width, by 5" tall. This is a totally static display model with no interior, and no lighting of any kind. Please be aware this model is painted in more of a red, as opposed to the 'burnt orange' of the miniature as it appears today, and that the model is done in a matte finish. Cockpit and cabin windows are fogged, while the dome/beacon is finished in transparent red. Pennants and insignia are painted on, with the line design above the cabin windows being applied decals. For those unfamiliar with Lunar Models, these kits were manufactured of a heavy gauge, vacu-formed plastic, with cast resin detail pieces. Overall, this model appears quite similiar to the way the miniature appeared in the television pilot of the show.

Carefully constructed, completely seamless, beautifully painted, and a true rarity. Model was originally purchased pre-built, and, unfortunately, I do not know the identity of the builder. An excellent addition to any collection of television spaceships.

Value: $400-Up.

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