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Updated: August 14, 2021

Land of the Giant's Spindrift Diorama By Gemini Model Build-Up Studios

This project began as a restoration of a 2nd issue Aurora Spindrift kit. I obtained it about 20 years ago at a convention but the kit included only the hull parts with no interior or figures. At a time before the internet existed you pretty much had to scrape up what you could find at conventions, Starlog ads or the few dealers who were around.


I had originally started this project before the Polar Lights reissue had been produced so I built the spaceship using the parts I had available. When I was able to pick one up, I had done so much sanding and putty work on the hull to eliminate the seamlines that I didn't want to tear it open to insert the interior so I kept it sealed. To make it more accurate, I removed the engraved stripes on the rear fuselage. The center stripe was masked and airbrushed. I used silver pinstriping tape for the outer stripes, top and rear fin stripes. The model was airbrushed using an orange-red automotive paint which closely resembles what was used on the miniatures in the series. I was fortunate recently to find someone to send me a download of the original insignia decal. Unlike the Polar Lights kit, this one does not have the insignia molded on. For a final touch, I just purchased a teardrop shaped dome to replace the red bubble on top.


I had the model sitting around for a long time so I decided to make something a little more interesting since it was missing the interior. The diorama sits on a stained 9" X 12" wood base. The ground covering is made from a mixture of beach sand, craft sand and white glue. The rest of the scene is "dressed" using several varieties of silk plants, railroad foliage and a generous amount of real twigs, rocks and stones.

I still have a couple finishing touches to go and the project will be complete. When it is done, I will send the final photos so that you can post them.

I will have this project available on my site soon. Several options will be available in terms of interior and lighting. Pricing information has not yet been finalized.

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