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Updated: August 06, 2021

Issued by the Aurora Company in 1968. The kit comes with (3) spindrift cast members fighting off a giant snake with a giant safety pin. The kit was molded in green plastic, and included various scenery pieces.

(1)The snake model displayed here was posted on eBay on 06/26/01 and was a kit on display in the stores promoting the kit.

(2) Diorama I purchased in 1998 from a "Toy Shop" auction. The seller obtained a large collection of Aurora kits from a collector. This is the most incredible detailed kit. These kits are quite rare, and worth around $1,000. on today's market.

(3) I would like to thank "Glenn Rodriguez" of Brookfield, Illinois for the new Polar Light's diorama recently added to my collection.

Also shown here is a fan made resin name plate logo. This is a great addition to any Land of the Giant's kit for that finishing touch!

Value: $500.00-Up. (Sealed in box)

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