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Updated: May 02, 2023

This DVD is the Collector Edition which produces the highest quality DVD's you can buy. It has superior picture and sound quality. It is the collector edition and has 3 original, unedited Land of the Giant's episodes!

This two-season series details the adventures of the three crew and four passengers of the sub-orbital spacecraft Spindrift. They are drawn through a space warp that crashes them onto a planet where everything is 12 times normal size. The castaways struggle to repair their damaged craft and somehow get back to Earth while being hunted by the totalitarian government that rule the planet.

The first episode is the pilot titlted The Crash - The Spindrift, Suborbital Flight 612 NY to London, hits a space warp and crashes in a strange fog, apparently back on Earth. After pilots Steve and Dan are almost run over by a giant-sized car, they realize something is amiss. As they prepare to take off, they are picked up by a giant boy but manage to escape. With their power cells low, they land again. Fitzhugh, an embezzler tries to escape but loses his money to a giant cat. Valerie follows Steve and both are captured by a giant entymologist.

Fitzhugh threatens Dan with a gun to force him to lift off, but Dan calls his bluff and he and Mark go after their captured comrades. Mark creates a diversion which gives Dan time to free the captives, and they escape. The rest of the passengers provide a distraction when the giant chases after them, but they escape in a sewer pipe into a junkyard, where they just manage to avoid a giant-sized dog Next is Ghost Town - Chased by a giant tramp, Barry is knocked out by an electrical force field. When Fitzhugh and Valerie come back with the others, he is gone. They manage to get through the force field, which is turned back on behind them. They then find themselves in what seems to be an Earth-sized (i.e., normal for them) old-fashioned town that is mysteriously absent of people.

The next episode is Framed - While in a park trying to recover the lens from a giant camera to power their solar batteries, Steve and Fitzhugh witness the photographer accidentally kill his model during a struggle. He spots them and they flee down a gopher hole, only for him to try to kill them with smoke. A hobo wanders by and puts out the fire, then passes out. The photographer frames him for the murder. For reasons best known to himelf, Steve tries to bring the real culprit to justice.

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