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Updated: July 14, 2021

A piece of original handpainted artwork for Aladdin's 1968 Land of the Giant's lunchbox. It is done on heavy weight illustration board. Extremely bright and unfaded and very detailed, it is dated 11/11/68. It measures 10x46. It is really long, and hard to get a photo of the entire thing.

It is in 2 pieces, divided in the center here the spaceship is. Artist is Elmer Lehnhardt. Land of the Giants is probably Elmers most famous lunchbox piece. It is said that on the lunchbox the giant is actually a self portrait? (Rumors had it, the Giant's was Producer/Creator., Irwin Allen?)

Elmer passed away in 1985. This peice is an original and one of a kind. It has been in storage for almost 50 years!!!

Value: $3,000-Up,

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