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Updated: May 20, 2021

You never know who you might get an e-mail from on the internet? This was the case on July 29, 2002 after posting an e-mail on the LIS4EVER list. LIS fan/artist Mike Suzor contacted me regarding my collection on the internet. Which is more surprizing to me, I was just looking at Mike's artwork in LIS bi-monthly #13.

For those of you out there Mike did a lot of work for Flint Mitchell's fan club books over the years. Mike went to school with friend Ken Holland which are both big fans of LIS. During 1977-78 both talked about doing a LIS club for the fans. During that time they met Flint Mitchell, which was doing a fan club comic book called, "Wizzard". As a group they started LISFAN Monthly in 1980.

The classic Star Trek TV series was a hot topic at the time, and club's were popping up everywhere. But there was no real LIS club's out there to join. Anyone thinking of starting one, would be a laughing stalk of the neighborhood. Mike was the first for doing a parady's of comic strips based on the classic LIS episodes on the TV series, and became quite poplar with the fans. Mike did the first 1-5 issues for Flint Mitchell's club.

After several e-mails to Mike and expressing an interest on my many projects. Mike has agreeded to do artwork for the site. Mike hasn't done much LIS artwork over the years. However, he still loves drawing and does comerical artwork as a side job and hobby. But now he is living back those old time memories of yesterday. Mike did the artwork logo lettering for the front covers featured here with David Paschen. (Which I am attempting to contact). Mike has already submitted to me some new artwork just for our website. More artwork to follow by Mike when time permits.

Many thanks also goes to Mike for spending countless hours lately helping me save photo's for our website in the near future.

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