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Updated: August 12, 2010

I love to do Lost in Space Art. I especially like drawing Dr. Smith and the Robot. I have never met any of the cast, and wish I could someday. I now wish, especially, that I could have met Johnathan Harris and Bob May.

I have been told by some people that they like my other artwork better than my LIS art... Strangely, I guess I have a stubborn streak in me, I enjoy Lost in Space more, though I like fantasy creatures. I feel very out numbered when I look at your Friends Section of your web pages.... me being 56 years old lady, no real formal art training.

My degrees are not in art but Education, and Library and Information Science. Mostly I have an extreme love for LIS, especially the first season.

I put lots of my art on my one blog, 1000 Days Lost in Space.... which is not all LIS. I was inspired by Angela Cartwright's Said and Done Blog. Feeling that any blog I would do WOULD BE lost in Cyberspace the first months I toyed with the name, changing it several times, even though I originally called it 1000 Day Lost in Space. I like the opportunity to use Angela's Shadow Stamps in some of my Art. In my mind I view Lost in Space as from a Dream World... kind of Psychedelic. Wish LIS could have continued like Star Trek had continued. Otherwise, I work as an aide with special ed kids. I have alot of fun doing art with the kids in the class. But I don't use any of my LIS Art in the classroom. I keep worrying that someday someone will come along and say the name of my blog is a copyright infringement or something and will be forced to take it down.

My main hope one day is to use my art to write and create children's picture books.

Leslie Covert Flory

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