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Updated: May 16, 2021

Hi Robert!

Thanks for the offer on the bio. Enclosed is a picture of me with my full sized B-9. I built this thing at a cost well under $1,000.00. It's made out of junk and other odds and ends. Everything from flower pots and gumball machine containers to 45 RPM records and bird feeder parts. It lights and talks, with chest light blinking in unison to the voice (much to my daughter's dis may at the time because I cannibalized one of her toys for that....but she forgave me, he he). Now a little about me:

My name is Ken Netzel, and I'm 44 years old. I am a graphic artist by trade, but when I got diagnosed with heart disease at 39, I was forced into early retirement which gives me plenty of time to draw recreationally and collect.

I collect a lot of pop culture things, but most of my collection is geared towards Sci Fi, including Lost in Space and the robot. I have been a fan of the robot since the series premiered on it's first night. I got a Remco Lost in Space Robot in 1966, which I still have the parts from. But since then I was lucky enough to come across four other ones ranging in condition from really good, to "seen better days." I also collect other LIS robots, including the AHI and Trendmasters. Aside from the LIS robots, I have others, including an Attacking Martian, and the most recent acquisitions, my Zeroids.

In the 90's I collected a lot of the Playmates Star Trek toys including the ships and weapons, as well as other sci fi genre's like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. I find collecting fun, and as my insurance guy says, these things are considered "Fine Art" in the insurance world today. I'll take that...Because I find beauty in all these pieces.

I hope it's not too long? You can edit what you want...just that I love talking about "my stuff" and I tend to go on and on. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Ken Netzel.

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