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Updated: April 23, 2021

Hi, my name is Glenn Rodriguez. I have been building and painting figure model's since I was 10 years old. My interest started when I was young & would watch the old black/white sci-fi monster movie's huddled around the TV set with my brother & sisters. One day I went to a hobby store & got my first look at the Aurora Frankenstein model. I knew I just had to have it. That's where it all began. I used to buy a new kit every other week with my allowance I would make for doing odd chore's around the house.

The thing I like most about building model kits is that you can take a box of dull plastics parts & bring a figure to life from it. It gives me a great feeling of pride to say I built it myself. So far, I have built model figure's & diorama's & rubber masks & plaster of paris figure's for a variety of collector's all over the world. Which I am still at it today, thanks to the computer age & eBay. Model building is a wonderful & rewarding hobby, & you get to meet some very interesting people in the process. That's how I got to meet my new friend, Robert Vanderpool - "Uncle Odie". I had a Robot B-9 & Dr. Smith diorama up for auction & "Uncle Odie" was the Winning bidder.

Thru our e-mail correspondance's, I found "Uncle Odie" to be a real nice & interesting person. Little did I know he was a collector of Irwin Allen memorabilia. I visited his website, & we've been in touch ever since. So far I've built several Irwin Allen based figure diorama's for "Uncle Odie" collection, & hope to build more in the near future. What I like about that is.... "Uncle Odie" has them displayed for all the Irwin Allen fans all around the world to enjoy. Thanks "Uncle Odie" my future plans are to keep on building these wonderful kits for my customers collections all around the world.

Best Reguards,


(*) Note: If your interested in having a special diorama made by Glenn you may contact him by his e-mail address at, (Additional work of Glenn's will also be on display here for your enjoyment)

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