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Updated: April 23, 2021

Here attach the finished model kit, please enjoy the pixs, it's a street with two house in each side, also have the Munster koach and the drag-ula.

It took almost a month of work to do this by an expert friend. By the way here is photo from me at 6 years old (I am 46 right now) just in front of the door of the Munsters house in the old Universal Studios (1966), I lived for one year in Santa Monica because my father was in a Phd in the UCLA and we usually went on the weekend to the Universal Studios (very different from now).

(*) Also shown here is a personal signed Icons replica laser pistol signed to Gabriel by the late Jonathan Harris. Also here is Gabriel with actress, Francine York "Niolani" From Lost in Space.

thanks again,

Gabriel Barrera - Venezuela

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