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Updated: April 28, 2021

I have been wanting to do this tribute on Flint Mitchell for months, and finally get to show recognition to this special individual. The problem and delay of posting this onto the site was simple. I didn't really have any info on Flint's background. I have e-mailed Flint many times and wrote several dozen articles for his club. I never spoke to Flint on the phone or met him at a LIS convention. Not to mention pulling out my hair trying to get a photo of him.

Thanks to, Mike Suzor, Rick Roderick, and the B-9 Builders Club for making this possible for me. The name "Flint Mitchell" is a house word name to so many people. It was Flint Mitchell that really kept "Lost in Space" in the public eye with the fans for many years after the show left the TV airwaves. It was Flint that started the fan club, showing tribute for a TV show that Irwin Allen created back in the 1960's. It was Flint that kept the fans hopes up for a possible remake movie, and the many conventions that followed over the many years.

It was the "Complete LISFAN 10th Anniversary book in 1991 that really inspired me to start collecting Irwin Allen memorabilia in the first place. It was also Flint that gave me the first opportunity and break to have the privilage for writing, and sharing my collection in LISFAN Monthly.

Flint was born on February 20, 1959 and currently lives in St. Louis. At the age of 6 Flint watched LIS on his dad's lap, and never really cared for the show at the time. It was his father that never missed the show and was a die hard fan watching the show weekly on CBS. As a kid growing up Flint loved reading science fiction books. It was Star Trek's writer "David Gerrald" that inspired Flint to someday write a book or start a club on Lost in Space. In 1978 Flint met artist Ken Holland & Mike Suzor and talked about doing a fanzine book on Lost in Space. After 3 years of talk and planning, in 1981 the project and birth of LISFAN #1 was released after countless hours spent on the book. The club was very fun and exciting and the membership grew with each new issue. Flint really enjoys writing and expressing his feeling on the topic of LIS. It was in 1996 after meeting "John Riggs" the book, "You can build your own LIS B-9 Robot was released. Without this book there would have never been the B-9 Builders Club. Thanks to Flint the book has gone to print three times and a fourth printing is being considered. Over the years besides the regular LISFAN Monthly, Flint did a mail out catalog on LIS merchandise to generate additional income for the club. Flint was also one of the first fans to have a LIS website and promoted the show and club on the internet. But it was the down fall of the internet with websites and eBay that closed the door on LISFAN Monthly.

Times change and so do the people. Flint still remains active and now sells on eBay, works on computers, and cooks for enjoyment. There are so many fans out there that love there shows and Hollywood stars. There are only a few people that truly stand out from the crowd, and really makes a difference.

"Flint...thank-you for all you have done for the thousand of fans over the years. You have given so much to all of us, you have made a huge impact in so many people lifes. I for one am very grateful for all you have done for keeping Irwin Allen's dreams alive in our hearts and memories. One person can make a difference, and Flint Mitchell is living proof on that statement!"

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