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Updated: April 23, 2021

Ed Nardo of Margate City, New Jersery was nice enough to send us some way cool computer graphic art for our website here.

Besides being a Big Lost in Space fan, Ed loves Disney and does Cartooning. He also Writes music mostly Love Songs and Christian. Ed also plays the Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Bass. He is also a big "Partridge Family" fan, (photo shown with pop-Icon David Cassidy and friend Patty).

Ed also has his own small recording studio in his home, so when you hear one of his songs everything in it is him. From singing to playing to production...and all by ear, I can't read a stitch of music. But God gave me a good ear!

Ed also does Paranormal Investigations and has his own team Locally we have captured many Digital still pics and Video which are all copy written.

(*) Much more from Ed in the near future, including a surprise for you Jupiter-2 lovers out there. Your gonna like this one folks!!

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