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Updated: March 18, 2005

Here are 15 pictures of my Lunar Models Seaview and Polar Lights Jupiter-2. My other passions are, books about american history, military history, TV series including Irwin Allen and my 1:1250 ship collection, which I already have more than 200.

I've been in USA some times and I've been in such places as Little Big Horn in Montana, because I am a big fan of General Custer and Crazy Horse, and obviously, museum ships, museum and even some cemeteries.

I'm 41 and since I was a child, a big fan of sci fi, mainly, Lost in Space and Voyage to the bottom of the sea. The Lunar Models Seaview, is huge, 32" long, and have some inaccuracies, but in my opinion is the best available. The Flying Sub sits exactly beneath of control room, and there is no crash doors to hide the Flying Sub bay that do not fit well like in other models. The Flying Sub is a real gem, and the mine has two tiny seats inside and the main viewports are transparent, and sits inside the bay with magnet.

Another points of interest in my models are, scratch built hatchs, missile hatchs - the original are incorrect size - crew figures, which I found in a hobby store in perfect scale, a rail on the Flying Sub hatch in the observation room, and even an american flag on the bridge.

The Polar Lights Jupiter-2 is another story, because allow infinity improvement. My Jupiter-2 has room for the Jonnny Lightning Space Pod - with folding antennae and landing gear, and the Chariot. With many scratch build things, like viewport for the observatory on the lower deck, seats, chair, fire extinguisher, beds, lavatory & shower, even with a tiny mirror, atomic motor, reactor chamber and more.

Responsible for both the, Seaview and Jupiter-2, is my friend Antonio Carlos.


Dalton Piccolotto Brazil

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