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Updated: April 23, 2021

Ive been working on revising the art for my comic book adaption of the first episode of Lost In Space. I decided to color it, and well, artists being artists, I felt I need to redraw and reink certain pages in order to color it, and then those pages looked better than the older ones, so I redid those as well, and I just wound up redoing all the pages, and coloring them so they look much more brillent looking.

When I get the chance, I will send you the pages that have been redone, because I haven't yet finshed adding all the word ballons to everything yet...

I also wanted to congradulate you about getting offically licsensed! That was a real coup. I've written to Mr Burns several times about a proposal for definative book on Lost in Space, you know the kind that you see in the bookstores that say something like "Scooby Doo, the Essential Guide," or something like that. Well I wanted to do something smillar and I've written to Burns but have never gotten a response? If I can, I will try sending you the section I did covering all the "discovered alien life forms," that layed out using Pagemaker.

(*) I have had a file on Chris for quite sometime here? I finally had a change on this weeks update, to include some of Chris work that he has been sending me. Chris is very talented artist, and has a great website too. We are pleased he is apart of this website as a committee member. Keep up the great work Chris!

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