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Updated: April 23, 2021


Im from beautiful northern Michigan I am 38 years old I work year round at cheboygan lumber company. As a young adult I discovered LIS and was immediately in love with the show and I still am today. I build every LIS model I can especially Lunar Models there the best in my opinion, and I will for a nominal fee make or create your model, I realize a lot of people just don't have the time to make these time consuming kits. If interested send me an e-mail with what you've got and I'll give you a price. (

The model with me here in my picture of the Derelict from episode #2 of LIS! Im married with 4 stepchildren and have 4 grandchildren too, and I'm only 38. My wife and I love to hike up here in the north country theres a lot of beauty here im also a lake Suprerior buff it's the ocean without the salt or sharks, one of the things I like so much about making models is the satisfaction you get while you watch this piece of artwork come together little at a time. If your ever planning a trip to Mackinaw Island let me know I can tell you a lot about it, that's where I got married so I ought to hait this place!?


Brian Stover

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