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Updated: April 23, 2021

One of the nicest individuals I have ever met is that of Bill Williams of Australia. I met Bill several months back during a photo purchase on the eBay auction website. After several e-mails we became close friends of common interest. Bill is well known for his very rare photos he sells on eBay on a regular bases.

Bill is a father of one daughter and runs a 100 acre hobby farm in Australia. He loves doing councelling with people, and has many interest such as old movies from the 30-50's having over 1000 movie in his collection. Not to mention a private home theatre which seats 20 people. Bill has lived in places such as, Vancouver, India, New Zealand, before moving to Australia in 1970.

Bill is also an author and has written a book called, "Ladies of Hollywood" which has not yet been published. He also loves figure skating, Lost in Space, and has sold photos for over 35 years. Bill has also done photograghy & multimedia involvement, & specializing in portraits stills for special occasions.

If this wasn't enough, Bill also host three websites, the Lost in Space Movie (John Stafford's Site) & Angela Cartwright web page, and even a website of Hollywood stars with thousand of rare photos.

Bill has called me from Australia many times. In fact, I spoke to him this evening when I was working on this page. Many of my rare photos of Angela Cartwright, & Guy Williams comes from Bill's collection.

For your photo needs contact Bill at, "Thanks Bill for all you do, and being such a great friend and supporting my efforts!"

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