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Updated: April 13, 2021

In over 9 years of collecting on eBay, this is one of the most unique toys I have ever seen. There are times that even I, have to pass on such a grand item as this is. Much rarer than the "Robby the Robot Space Patrol car!" There is only ONE toy that was directly connected with the original release of the Forbidden Planet movie. This is the very rare English flying saucer. In truth the toy is not visually as sophisticated as most Japanese creations of the time. It comes from English tradition of toys with high play value rather than immediate appeal.

Those of you familiar with Meccano, the construction toy, will know what I mean. The electric remote control flying saucer was produced by Childs & Smith of Warwickshire. This little known Company trading under the "Nulli Secundus" logo produced one other toy, that I'm aware of, a helicopter that flies around on a central pole. The flying saucer is a simple adapation of the helicopter. The flying saucer itself is an anodised gold doughnut with a propellor fitted inside. It sits on the end of a long tubular arm which in turn pivots on a central pole. The toy takes ages to set up and is very fiddly in operation, but once it is working it is great fun. The saucer spins around the central column at an amazing rate of knots, The operating circle has a diameter of about eight feet and the height and direction of the torus can be fine tuned, allowing for delicate manoeuvres.

The flying saucer comes complete with a little plastic figure on a stretcher. A hook can be added to the saucer, and the patient can be rescued. Compare that with the very limited bump and go action of the standard Japanese flying saucer of the 1950's. Yes, they're more attractive, but much less fun! The box is the great glory of this toy. It's a monochrome Altair V landscape straight from a Forbidden Planet lobby card. The Jupiter spacecraft floats over the alien landscape, looking nothing like the contents of the box. A unique English space toy. The box carriers the wording "This picture is inspired by MGM's "Forbidden Planet" and then lists the cast."

Even though I do not currently own this item in my collection, I wanted to have reference on this item. This eBay auction item was up for auction on August 18, 2002 with 5 bids, not meeting the reserve asking price, and reaching a high bid on $1,375.00. In my opinion and long study of such items, the value of this item could reach a price tag of $5,000.

(Photo's and info was obtained from the auction from Australia)

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