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Updated: December 06, 2005

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" Cover Art Here is an original oil painting of the Under water Creature from the Black Lagoon. This is an unpublished cover submitted for issue #7 of Monster Scene Magazine, which by the way is no longer in business. This was one of the covers that wasn't used but still is a great piece of art. The artist is Fred Meyer, a well know artist in the Monster art world.

The painting is signed at the lower right hand side and has a nice glossy black frame. As you can see there is a mock up Monster Scene #7 pictured below along with what the original painting. Included with the original art is the mock up cover to Monster Scene #7, the artist used to present his art to the publishers of Monster Scene, what the cover could have looked liked. The size of this original oil painting is 20" x 24", and in very good condition.

Value: $300.

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