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Updated: January 24, 2021

In 1966 NBC found a new super hero his name was Burt Ward (Burton Gervis) who played the crime fighting hero (Robin) with his famous side-kick Batman (protrayed by actor Adam West). This show aired for 3 years competing with Lost in Space on (CBS) for the top rating each week. Because of the campy fun, ending cliff-hangers, and those famous arch villians (compared to alien monsters) this show effected Lost in Space, and other Irwin Allen productions in the late 1960's. I too loved "Batman" and Robin (Burt Ward) was another one of my favorite TV characters and shows during my young youthful life. This show remains a favorite of mind, and a family classic TV show. Robin, the "Boy Wonder" after watching this show, you wondered what he would be doing next? He was Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's youthful ward. Taken in by the millionaire when his parents were killed, he was following in Batman's footsteps as a crime fighter. He spent much of his time tied up, or in some other jam that Batman had to get him out of. He was famous for his Holy this or that used to describe things.

Enter into the formula a unknown 19 year old young man who most recently sold real estate on the weekends while studying acting at UCLA. This opened the door to his role as Robin, he sold a home to a producer at 20th Century Fox. Burt finally got a break, as he auditioned for the role as Robin. The first time he went to the studio he had no idea what he was auditioning for? "To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know what I was trying out for," he recalls? "The producers didn't tell me. I remember that I went in for my screen test and two guys pulled off my pants and pulled on these leotards. I was afraid I was auditioning for a porno flick?"

When asked if given a role would he outgrow it, " Oh, No !! I promise you, I won't grow" he replied. However he still did not know what the project was going to be as the studio was keeping the details secret? He was called back again to test with Adam West in costume. They finally had to tell Burt that Robin was a comic book character because he had never read a Batman comic before and had no idea who Robin was? There was some miscommunications with the studio and poor Burt kept coming back to the studio for test fitting but no one had told him he had been awarded the part! He finally did find out and he became the second part of the Dynamic Duo.

Burt was not new to show business, at the age of 2 he was shown in the magazine " Strange As It Seems" as the worlds youngest professional ice skater! Both of his parents were in show business and he traveled in his fathers ice show. Burt studied acting at UCLA (Rob Reiner was also there at that time) He also was a black belt in karate which in his screen test he showed the producers.

He was to later in the series go face to face with Bruce Lee as Kato. In real life and not Gotham City, Bruce lived several floors below him at the Barrington Plaza apartments in West Los Angeles. Bruce and Bert were friends and they sparred together. That fighting was much rougher than the little scene on Batman where both of them were instructed NOT to hit each other. Bruce and Bert and their wives went to dinner often down in Chinatown together.

He was at a distinct disadvantage to Adam West in the respect of the stunts and special effects. Due to his costume, the mask he wore covered much less than Adam's cowl, He was required to sit through more of the dangerous scenes.

Like Adam West, Burt thought that the starring role he played would open the door for new and exciting screen work but also like Adam, people could not shake the notion that he was Robin the Boy Wonder. Burt's thoughts on the series in 1996, "playing Robin was everything I could want. It was me being allowed to be myself. I was exactly what the producers imagined Robin would be like." After the series ended, Burt has occasionally appeared in lower-budget, direct to video films like Kill Crazy, Robot Ninja and Virgin High, but he admits that Robin, to a large extent killed his acting career.

Short Burt Ward Interview in 1989:

Burt Ward and Adam West in costume in 1989. Shortly after, The studio felt their appearance of the Dynamic Duo detracted from the new Michael Keaton version and both were told- no more public appearances in costume! "I tried to get other work after 'Batman,' but I was hopelessly stereotyped. Maybe I was overly optimistic, but I was never really bothered by it. I've had a great time as Robin, but my life never depended on acting again. I knew I would find something else to do."

Burt has made many personal appearances with and without Adam West. And still does now. Burt is married and lives on a ranch in California He married Tracy Posner the daughter of a multi millionaire in 1990 and is doing fine! He has published a book called "Boy Wonder my life in tights" Beware Batfans, this is a tell all Bat sex book not for children!! It is a great read if you are a mature Batfan!

Filmography as: Actor, Visual Effects, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances Actor - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
From Heaven to Hell (2002)
Pacino Is Missing (2002) .... Guard Moving Targets (1998) .... O'Malley
Alien Force (1996) (V) .... Omnipresent Praxima
Karate Raider (1995)
Assault of the Party Nerds 2: The Heavy Petting Detective (1995)
.... Randolph
... aka Assault of the Party Nerds 2: The Class Reunion (1995)
... aka Assault of the Party Nerds II (1995) (USA: short title)
Girl I Want, The (1993)
Beach Babes from Beyond (1993) .... Mr. Bun
Smoothtalker (1992) .... Lab Technician
Hot Under the Collar (1991) .... The Pope
Virgin High (1991) .... Dick Murphy
Kill Crazy (1990) (V) .... Michael
Robot Ninja (1990) .... Stanley Kane Cyber-C.H.I.C. (1989) ... aka Robo-Chic (1989)
Underachievers, The (1987) .... Bowmont
... aka Night School (1987)
Fire In the Night (1986) .... Paul Legends of the Superheroes (1979) (TV) .... Robin
"Tarzan and the Super 7" (1978) TV Series .... Robin (Dick Grayson)
"New Adventures of Batman, The" (1977) TV Series (voice) ....
Robin (Dick Grayson) (1977-1978)
... aka "Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour, The" (1977) (USA: rerun title) Batgirl (1967) (TV) .... Dick Grayson (Robin)
"Batman" (1966/II) TV Series .... Dick Grayson (Robin) (1966-1968) Batman (1966/I) .... Dick Grayson (Robin)
... aka Batman: The Movie (1966) (USA: video box title) Filmography as: Actor, Visual Effects, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances Visual Effects - filmography
Bulletproof Monk (2003) (visual effects producer: Boy Wonder VFX)
Vampires: Los Muertos (2002) (compositor)
... aka John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos (2002) (USA: complete title) Filmography as: Actor, Visual Effects, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances Himself - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s)
VH-1 Where Are They Now: Superheros (2003) (TV) .... Himself
Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (2003)
(TV) .... Himself
Liberace: Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful (2000) (TV) (archive footage)
... aka Reputations: Liberace - Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful (2000) (TV) (UK: series title) Desperation Boulevard (1998) .... Himself Holy Batmania (1989) (V) .... Himself/Robin Filmography as: Actor, Visual Effects, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Simpsons, The" (1989) playing "Himself" (voice) in episode:
"Large Marge" (episode # 14.4) 24 November 2002
"Biography" (1987) playing "Himself" in episode: "Adam West:
Behind the Cowl" 4 September 2000
"Donny & Marie" (1998) playing "Himself" in episode: "A Batman
Reunion" 3 August 1999
"Clueless" (1996) playing "Himself" in episode: "Mercy Date"
(episode # 3.11) 26 January 1999
"Homeboys in Outer Space" (1996) playing "Gerbil" in episode: "The Adventures of Ratman and Gerbil or, Holy Homeboys in Outer Space" (episode # 1.21) 13 May 1997
"Living Single" (1993) playing "Himself" in episode: "Mommy Not Dearest" (episode # 3.11) 16 November 1995

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