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Updated: March 04, 2021

I receive many e-mails from eBay sellers, collectors, and fellow fans offering to sell me something for my collection. But when I received an e-mails from Josh Burch of St. Louis, Mo, I had no idea what he had waiting for me?

I was totally blown away on what he gotten from Trendmasters while employed by the toy company for several years. As with the Major. Don West doll, these two Will Robinson prototype dolls are in the same production run. The faces are all hand painted, no company markings, and one pair of boots unpainted. I will always be grateful to Josh for his kindness, and working with me on obtaining these for my collection.

I purchase these in October of 2000.

Update: (12/02/04) Photos 4-7 were sent to us by fan/collector, Stephen Foster of St. Louis MO. This is another prototype doll, with no color/paint added to the face and space boots. It is unknown how many of these prototype dolls were made, or distroyed during the early stages of producing this doll?

Value: $500. Each

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