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Updated: March 04, 2021

These items truly touched my heart when I first saw them up on eBay on April 08, 2002. These sign papers and photos comes from the private collection of Shirley Deckert of Los Angeles. Mrs. Deckert was the CBS studio teacher, as well as a welfare worker in the 1960's. She teached Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright on Lost in Space for one year. Her daughter Deb Deckert went to high school with Bill and Angela as well. Sadly, Mrs. Deckert was diagnoised with cancer and died in 1985. A very interesting career, Mrs. Deckert was not into the Hollywood scene, and was not aware of many of these actors/actress during her teaching days. She was there to do a job, and to educate her pupils in her class room. She taught people such as, The Brady Bunch, The Waltons, Eight is Enough, M.A.S.H. She also taught the Osmonds, and even the Jackson Five. She also taught Jodie Foster French, & even Spanish.

These photos are priceless, and these autographs of Billy Mumy was that of his early penmanship days. The auction had 12 bids, and sold for $162.50. I would like to thank, Deb Deckert for sharing these memories with all of us.

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