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Updated: March 02, 2021

Lennier from Babylon-5 - Previews Exclusives manufactured by Premiere Toys

Name: Lennier Variation: Gray Robe Series: Babylon-5 Subseries: Previews Exclusives Manufacturer: Premiere Toys Manufacturer: #20057 Year Released: 1997 Height: 6 inches Age Range: 4 & Up Genres: Sci-Fi, TV Series Actors: Bill Mummy User Collections: 4 Users

(with Minbari Cruiser)

Delenn's loyal Minbari aide, Lennier had spend most of his life in a Minbari monastery, learning the ways of the Religious Caste. When he first boarded Babylon-5, Lennier appeared naive and helpless but soon demonstrated a number of hidden talents, including a flair for Minbari martial arts and a mastery of the laws of probability.

Minbari Cruiser: The Minbari Cruiser is the most powerful warship of all races in known space and can hold a crew of 250 persons. Its superior stealth systems give it a decisive advantage over all scanning systems.

Value: $30. $60. (Signed)

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