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Updated: July 28, 2018

Since his days as a child actor playing the role of Will Robinson on sixties sci-fi TV series "Lost in Space," Bill Mumy has enjoyed a wide-spanning career in the entertainment business. A fan favorite on the con circuit, not only for his child actor days but also his role as Lennier on "Babylon 5" and apearances on Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone," Mumy has also contributed a number of voices for animated series ranging from "Ren and Stimpy" to Steven Spielberg's "Animaniacs" and served as narrator for A&E's award-winning "Biography." An accomplished musician and writer, Mumy has released a number of solo projects, as well as a series of comedy albums as one half of the duo Barnes & Barnes most famous for their eighties' hit "Fish Heads."

His latest project taps into all of these past lives as, following a 12-year hiatus, he returns to comic book writing as the co-creator and writer of Bluewater Productions' "Curse of the Mumy."

Released this week, and featuring art by Ron Stewart, "Curse of the Mumy" spins out of the pages of "The Mis-Adventures of Adam West" #10 and stars a fictional (we think) version of Bill Mumy that saves the world one mission at a time, enlisting the services of avatars representing his many past lives from TV, film and music.

On the eve of the series' launch, CBR News spoke with Mumy, who couldn't be more excited about his return to comics. A long-time reader and collector of the sequential art form, Mumy hopes to tell a character-driven story in "Curse of the Mumy" in an early Silver Age-style of storytelling with an early Golden Age-style of artwork, all washed with a modern sense of humor and politics.

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