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Updated: September 28, 2007

Here's a Holy Grail type item for you BILL MUMY fans! In 1981, Bill put together a rock band to play the local L.A. club circuit. He made up about 100 small promo buttons with his name and the bands name: "Bill Mumy And The Igloos". He gave them out to his friends and fans for a few weeks. The band broke up after about 6 months, and that was that.

But I just came across a long forgotten about SUPER RARE button! Wowser! Is life good, or what?! It's a small button about one inch in diameter. The back has some rust on it, but the front is just fine. You know the superstar, jack of all trades Mumy from: comic book writing - Barnes & Barnes - Jenerators - Lost in Space - Babylon-5, voice over work, and on and on. He's probably the single most talented person on Earth!

Value: $4.

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