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Updated: February 17, 2018

Even though very well molded and directions excellent for guiding assembly, you should possess at least average skills to assemble. Plenty of extra guide tips for a better model. The instructions say the cap, cowl, gloves, shorts and boots should be painted a dark blue. Here's a tip for a more "true to the blue". Paint the model using acrylic paints. And for the blue, use Ultramarine Blue. It is more like the blue used on the original costume. It is very deep plus gives a shimmer of deep purple. Use acrylic tan or grey (your choice) for the stone base. After it dries, spray with a coat of enamel clear to protect and help the drying process. Once this is dry, use a dark wood stain for details in the crevices of the rock base. Spread a small amount of stain on the base (careful! The stain is like water). Immediately wipe lightly with a rag or paper towel, leaving some of the stain in the crevices for a more life like effect.

Retails: $30.

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