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Updated: May 03, 2024

Batmania is a term coined by Billy Joe ( Biljo ) White in the early 1960s and the title of his influential fanzine dedicated to the DC comic book character Batman. The name is "almost certainly" a nod to the then-prominent term "Beatlemania" used to describe the impact of the Beatles in popular culture. When White first published Batmania, interest in the Batman character was at a low point; however, due to changes credited largely to DC editor Julie Schwartz, comic sales improved and the character built a wave of popularity that led to the 1966 Batman television show. White and his fanzine were credited with helping to focus the energy of the dedicated fans during this time.

The term "Batmania" was used extensively and without apparent awareness of White's publication in the popular press to describe the high level of interest surrounding the premiere of the 1960s TV Show and was revived in media references to levels of interest displayed around the premiere of the 1989 Batman Movie ( e.g., People Magazine, July 1989 ). The term has become a colloquialism used to describe fan interest in Batman and merchandise associated with the character.

In addition to White's fanzine, the Batmania title has specifically been used as the name of several books written by James Van Hise on the history of the Batman character and associated merchandise, a series of documentaries about the 1960s Batman TV series, an album of music "Inspired By The Batman TV Series" released in 1997, and assorted other Batman-related media projects.

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