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Updated: November 29, 2023

An original ensemble and "Freeze Gun" prop as seen used by Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze" in Batman & Robin ( Warner Bros., 1997 ).

This elaborate costume includes production-used components, including a fabric bodysuit, multiple silver-tone tunics, silver-tone trousers, Mr. Freeze's helmet, metal armor panels for the chest, back, thighs, and arms, as well as silver-tone gloves. Components within this lot are composed of cast resin, fiberglass, metal alloy, vacuformed plastic, fabric, and hard rubber.

Included with this ensemble is a production-used stunt "Freeze Gun" composed of cast rubber, painted to resemble metal.

Mr. Freeze would wear this iconic outfit in his final battle against Batman ( George Clooney ), Robin ( Chris O'Donnell ), and Batgirl ( Alicia Silverstone ) as he freezes Gothan City. Teaming up with Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman ), victory seemed near for the supervillian, but his plan was ultimately foiled by the Dark Knight.

Accompanied by two Certificates of Authenticity from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. stating, "...the accompanying articles as being an official Costume made for the character 'Mr. Freeze' in the production Batman & Robin," and stating, "...the accompanying article as being an official Freeze gun, silver ( rubber ) made for Arnold Schwarzenegger as 'Mr. Freeze' in the production Batman & Robin." Also accompanied by a Warner Bros. Corporate Archive asset card for the Mr. Freeze gun. Freeze Gun Measures: 38 x 16 x 7 inches.

Value: $30,000.

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