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Updated: September 20, 2023

Holy Batcomputer, Batman!

The original Batcomputer from Batman. ( ABC-TV, 1966-68 ) This custom-made, one-of-a-kind console is the key set piece used on the Batcave set in all three seasons of Batman. Featured in every episode of the television series, it can be seen in the opening credits as Batman and Robin descend from the batpoles and race to the Batmobile. Used primarily as the famous "Batcomputer", it was often re-labeled and fitted with other ancillary parts depending upon the plot and set requirements, in order to help Batman and Robin solve the sinister crimes committed by their arch enemies.

Adam West and Burt Ward interact with this very piece in over 40 episodes of the series. In addition to the "Batcomputer", some of these props many incarnations include the "Bat Calendar", "Crime Computer", "Master Batfile" and "Bat Analyst", among other "Bat"-titles. A free standing / rolling control panel, it was modified from actual U.S. Air Force military surplus, and also used extensively in Batman: The Movie ( 1966 ). The piece retains its original dials, toggle switches, and console lights, all of which illuminate exactly as it appeared on-screen. A simple 110V two-prong plug powers the lights via an electrical wall socket. Measuring 36 in. deep ( at the center shelf ) x 55 in. tall x 47 in. wide, the Batcomputer is mounted on the original casters for ease of movement on the set.

The piece remains in excellent restored condition and is fully functional. Only two of the original front panels are not present, but can easily be substituted for display purposes. An icon of the show in-and-of-itself, this remarkable set piece is one of the finest original Batman props.

Value: $25,000.

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