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Updated: January 04, 2021

Holy Batboat model Batman. That is one rad 60's wave surfer. The old 1960's Batman show was pretty silly, but that just made it even cooler in my book. This Batman 1966 TV Batboat Model Kit will help you relive some memories of the classic show and it you get to build it yourself.

Once built, you can proudly display the caped crusader's fabulous Batboat and brag to all of your friends. It has a ton of great detail and includes Batman and Robin figures and full-color decals.

This kit is 1:32 scale and measures 8 1/2-inches long when fully assembled. You gotta love the style of this vintage Batman stuff.

The original Batboat kit was issued by Aurora in 1966 kit #811-100. Value of the kit depends on grading and condition. Unopen and unbuilt kits are worth more. In today's market a near mint condition kit could cost you over $2,000.

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